Top 10 Tips for Útilív Adventure Festival on a Budget


Like all Nordic countries, the Faroe Islands can be an expensive destination. Scandinavian economies have become safe havens for overseas investors, which has helped the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian krona become very strong. The Faroe Islands has a 25% VAT rate on all purchased foods, meaning as consumers, we pay more!

But don't worry, it is more than possible to enjoy your trip to the Faroe Islands on a budget, and these top tips will help you along the way.

  1. As well as all the lovely hotel and Airbnb options in the Faroe Islands, there is also the budget option of camping. We have teamed up with Tórshavn Campsite (the only campsite in the city) to offer an exclusive campsite for Útilív Adventure Festival attendees. Book your camping pass here!

  2. If hiring a car for your stay, bear in mind that car hire is most expensive if you pick it up from the airport. Save money by renting from Waag Rental, or other city centre rental companies. 

  3. Try and get the best flight deals. Split your journey up and buy in several parts. For example, if you're coming from London, secure your Copenhagen to Faroe Islands flight (through either SAS or Atlantic Airways), then wait to find a cheap deal from London to Copenhagen. 

  4. Turn on Skyscanner Alerts for your ideal journey and get notified when the price of flights drop. Search for a flights on Skyscanner, then click the ‘Get Price Alerts’ button and enter your email address. If the price of your flight goes up or down, they will send you an email to let you know of the change.

  5. The cheapest way to get from the Airport to Tórshavn is via the public bus. The bus takes card or cash, and you can see the timetable here. 

  6. The best place for the cheapest (and largest!) sandwich is at Panama Café in the centre of Tórshavn. This is a great café for sitting in and drinking coffee!

  7. Hitchhiking is really easy in the Faroe Islands and everyone is so friendly. You won't have to wait long for a car to pick you up. Hitchhiking is safe, and free!

  8. If coming on your own and don't mind moving around, there are a number of Couch Surfing hosts in the Faroe Islands. Most hosts will put you up for one or two nights for free. 

  9. There are a few places where you can rent bikes from, which is a cheaper way of travelling further. Road bikes or mountain bikes can be rented from Rent a Bike, UniSúkkler and  Súkkluverkstaðið hjá Gunnari.

  10. If coming from the EU, remember that your data roaming charges apply so if you want to be able to access a 3G network, you need to buy an add on. (Unless you are on Vodaphone, then you can use your 3G for free.) The Faroe Islands use Vodaphone and  FøroyaTele networks.

Sarah Pritchard